Most hosts controlled by external attackers need to communicate with command and control points.
Discover threats from network in all fashion
Real time network traffic monitoring and analysis to discover known threats and suspicious behavior within the network.Takes both South-North traffic and East-West traffic, to uncover potential malicious activities within internal network.Full kill chain coverage from weapon delivery, C&C, lateral movement and data exfiltration, to sense and discover attacks at all stages.
Organizations are often restricted by the analytical tools, analytical capabilities, and the internal and external data collection ability.
Detection in confidence
The machine-learning based detection engine automatically trains and improves itself on various attacking traffics, to better uncover DGA, abnormal connections and data exfiltration. A professional Threat Analyst team processes millions of malware samples every day and to create new rules/signatures for Trojans, Ransomware, RAT, SPAM, DDos, APT, etc.Threat Intelligence Cloud to process suspicious network activities against huge metadata, including network metadata, malware samples, hacking groups, IOCs, as well as dynamic file analysis engine, to provide comprehensive information for the threat.
Most cybersecurity products have difficulty in solving such problems as terminal behavior and location.
Locate the alarm source and provide the most accurate first-line information for response.
TDP provides full and comprehensive contexts on each alert, such as original connection request, external threat intelligence data, attacker’s network infrastructure data, related hacking groups and their past activities, for faster lock down and response.In addition, Agent is provided to help pinpoint the suspicious processes for malicious connections on the client.
TDP Product Features
Alerts for Known and novel threats , prioritize incidents for security team
Integrate with highly credible ThreatBook’s Threat Intelligence data
Collaborate with SIEM
Agent for all OS (Windows/Linux/Mac) to locate the source of the threats
Solutions for Server and Workstation
Flexible Deployment