Data Accumulation
Raw data of tens of billions of domain names records accumulated with millions of newly registered domain names everyday
PassiveDNS data over 8 years
Historical Whois domain data records over 18 years
Billions of malicious samples accumulated along with 1 million new newly captured malicious samples
400,000 high confidence IOCs
Reputation and labels of 4.2 billion global IP addresses
Tracing Attacks of more than 180 famous hacking groups around the world on an hourly basis
Intelligence updated on minute basis
Business Values
Threat discovery and compromise detection for office network hosts / production networks and DMZ servers
Risk evaluation of external IP of applications or services that are accessible over public networks, such as web, mail and SSH
Analysis of suspicious files/processes on hosts/servers for identification of malicious programs
Threat detection cooperates with internal SOC/SIEM big data platforms or analysis logs from security device such as WAF/IPS/NGFW
Correlation and traceability analysis of internal and external security incidents