Service Introduction
Threat Inspection
Conducts periodic monitoring and inspection on office hosts/production servers through dedicated threat detection devices, investigates and identify security issues and hidden risks, and provides recommendations on rectification and remediation
Incident Response
Provides fast and professional incident response services for emergencies or major security events such as business unavailability, internal network compromised and production network intrusion, locates, fixes and traces security events to guarantee normal operation of business
On-site Cyber Security Protection Services for Major Event
During major events and cyber-attack drills, designates on-site security experts to assist the security team in responding to real/simulated external attacks.
Expert Consultation
Provide auxiliary analysis and remediation services for suspicious threats and security device alerts in daily operation, and provide suggestions for improving security operation capabilities and efficiency.
Advanced Intelligence Report Subscription
Delivers high-value security protection intelligence, methods and advices with regard to in-depth analysis reports on typical security incidents in key industries and the latest global epidemic threats, external assets and risks.
External Asset Monitoring
Discovers external assets of the enterprise from an external perspective, collects external exposure data, analyzes and identifies related threats and potential risks, and provides early, comprehensive, accurate, and effective intelligence data for timely response of related security threats and risks.