What if you missed an attack?
High coverage intrusion detections
  • Integrated with industry-leading, ultra-accurate threat intelligence to detect all compromises within on-premise networks. Leveraged the ATT&CK framework to deploy fine grain detections to cover all possible malicious adversary techniques.
How to deal with thousands of false alerts?
highly accurate alerts, reduced false alerts
  • Integrated with Threatbook threat intelligence with an ultra-high accuracy rate of 99.9%.
    The security incident alerts generated based on the graph model use many low-score alerts to confirm each other, generate high-confidence security events, depict attack chains, capture the characteristics of malicious threat intrusion, and effectively improve detection accuracy
Can you do threat hunting without detailed context?
Visualized threat hunting
  • Providing detailed alert context, tracking an intrusion incident as a chain of correlated attacks and hunting threats with intuitive and efficient visualization tools
What’s the impact of the agent to my online services?
Zero impact on services from the lightweight agent
  • The lightweight agent consumes less than 1% of CPU and 70MB of memory, and transmits 10MB of data per day, having minimal impact on the system and the network bandwidth.
How to form an end-to-end system from threat detection to remediation?
Quick threat remediation with one click
  • One-click threat remediation empowers convenient and rapid response operations such as process stopping, file isolation, IP blocking, host offline, etc.
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