Does it make sense when 1% of true alerts are overwhelmed by 99% of false alerts?
Focus on Real Threats
  • Detect compromised Server or Endpoints by threat intelligence, behavior analysis and AI
  • In-depth study of traffic load, automatic determination of "successful attack" without manual inspection of massive logs
  • Automatically identify APT and hackers' intentions
Know well about what you are protecting
Exposed Assets Discovery
  • Simple
    Discover exposed assets by NTA bypass deployment without any software or scanning.
  • Automatic
    Automatically identify ports, service, application name and version
  • Auxiliary management
    Identify available services, open ports and running applications of the enterprise to help the enterprise understand the cyber exposure status of assets
Hackers are using supermatic tools but you are defending manually?
Automatically detect and stop the attack
  • Stop attack by judgement of threat intelligence and attack behavior
  • Stop attack by integrating third party security devices
  • Locate malicious programs and execution processes by TDP Agent
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